By commissioning me you automatically agree to these terms. So be sure to read them or later on don’t complain.

General Information:

  • You are paying for a digital file. There will not be a physical piece of the commission sent to you.
  • I will start on your commission once I receive full payment unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • I will send you the full resolution file of your commission through e-mail or note. However you are not allowed to post the full resolution file in other art sites, just the low resolution one since you are the only one who is supposed to use the high resolution one.


Usage Information:

  • As the artist, I have every right to the artwork. Therefore, I am allowed to post the commission on my social media pages and use them as examples of previous work and you are accepting this by commissioning me.
    • I will always credit you as the owner of the character wherever I post it.
    • You may request for me to not post your commission publicly, however it goes both ways, you cannot post it either on public galleries, just on private folders. If not stated otherwise, it will be posted publicly as usual.
  • Commissioners are allowed to:
    • Repost their commission on personal social media pages and sites with proper credit (linking back to my page or tagging me).
      • You are only allowed to publicly repost the smaller resolution version of the image with the more prominent watermark (the same image I will post publicly myself), not the full resolution image. This is to help lower the chances of art theft.
    • Use their commission on their deviantART page with proper credit.
    • Print out their commission for personal use.
  • Commissioners are not allowed to:
    • Sell their commission in any way or for any reason.
    • Repost the commission on websites or pages that are for profit.
    • Use their commission for commercial use without prior agreement.
    • Claim the commission as their own work.
      • Doing any of these can get you blacklisted from commissioning me again.
  • If you wish to use your commission for commercial purposes or projects, different terms and prices will be discussed prior to commissioning me.


Art Specific Information:

  • We will agree on the pose and character features before starting the commission, once is all defined no changes will be allowed on the pose or character itself after entering the lineart stage.
  • I may change some of the character’s color palette slightly in order to fit in with my style. Please be aware of this if the character has any bright or very dark colors.
  • I do charge extra for complex character designs. The extra fee depends on the type of commission and is stated in each option. I will let you know if I consider your character complex in some way.
  • Complex design elements may include:
    • Extremely long hair (below the hips)
    • Multiple layers of clothing
    • Multiple accessories
    • Multiple tails/limbs
    • Detailed patterns/designs on clothing
      • Example: a large amount of lace; floral patterns
  • I cannot work off of written descriptions of your character(s) / a poor reference, therefore if there are no visual references to guide from, complaints won’t be accepted/nor changed will be made since you didn’t provide a clear reference of the character.
    • An exemption to this would be designing a character.
  • After I post your commission, I will only accept minor design details I may have missed such as forgotten facial markings or a small accessory.
  • I will never change the concept of the commission once it’s completed or in progress.


Work Speed:

  • I will work on the commission at my own pace as I still have things to do in real life. How quickly I complete your commission also depends on how much I have to work on, especially if there is a full background.
    • If asked how long it will take until your commission is completed, all times given will be only an estimation. They should not be considered a deadline.
  • Unless agreed upon prior to starting on the commission, there will not be a specific timeframe or deadline for your commission to be completed by.
  • I prefer to work on commissions in the order I receive them, so please be patient as I complete commissions that I received before yours.


Updating Information:

  • I am not obligated to give you real-time updates (giving updates every day or multiple times a day even if the progress is minor) through any platform. Please refrain from asking for this as I will refuse.
    • These platforms include: social media sites (ex. Twitter, dA); live streaming sites (ex. Picarto); e-mail
  • I will only directly give you major updates when asked for (ex. from linearting to coloring/shading), and these are gonna be limited to what I consider is enough per commissioner.
  • Please refrain from asking every day or every other day how much progress I’ve made. It will make me feel stressed and rushed.
    • I like to step away from working on commissions for a day or two to refresh my mind and to prevent getting stressed out, and I don’t want to explain this multiple times.
  • I will inform you if anything major comes up that will significantly delay the progress on your commission.


Streaming Information:

  • If I am live streaming and you, the commissioner, are present during it, I am not automatically obligated to work only on your commission during my stream. My streams are not to work on only commissions.
    • If I am already working on your commission during a live stream, great! You can watch and chat with me while I work on it!
    • If I am not working on your commission, please don’t ask if and when I’m going to work on it during that session. What I’m working on during a stream depends on my mood at that time.
  • I will not live stream your commission around your schedule. I only stream when I’m able to.


Payment Process:

  • I only accept PayPal or US wire transfer.
  • My currency is United States dollar (USD).
  • If paying with Paypal, I will send an invoice to your PayPal account.
    • I send an invoice to avoid any mishaps in the payment process or to avoid sudden refunds that were not agreed upon.
    • I will not accept payment through “Good & Services” or “Friends & Family”.
  • Payment is to be received in a reasonable timeframe after I send your invoice.
    • If payment is not received after a week you can possibly lose your spot.
    • If you can’t pay right away please let me know ahead of time.


Refund Policy:

  • Once the commission has been paid for, there will be no refunds requested by you for any reason.
  • I only give refunds if I cannot complete your commission for any major given reason.
    • This will be a full or partial refund depending on how far along I am.
    • This has yet to happen, but I’m stating this just in case.
  • If you send a chargeback without prior communication and agreement, you will no longer have the right to your commission and I will completely scrap the project.
    • The chargeback will be fought against and there will be a chance you will be blacklisted from commissioning me again.


How to Order:

  • Contact me through notes, direct messages on other social media, or e-mail (blazinflizard@live.com).
  • Title your email as “[username or url] commission”.
    • You do not have to add your username to the subject title if contacting through DeviantART notes or any other direct messages.
  • Fill out the form at the end of the commission information.
  • I will reply to let you know if I accept your commission and then we will discuss any details if needed.